RASVE Dashboard

This summer I wanted to explore interactive visualisation of open databases, to learn how to create tools that make exploring data more intuitive.

I am working on developing a PowerBi dashboard to visualise notifiable animal disease outbreaks reported in Spain through the Red de Alerta Sanitaria Veterinaria (RASVE). This public database contains information on primary and secondary outbreaks at national level since May 2003.

In this panel, you can see a timeline of the number of outbreaks reported over time (you can filter the time window with the slider on the top left) and see which diseases and animal species these outbreaks correspond to. On the following pages it is possible to drill down this information by disease, region and species. I recommend to explore it clicking on the full screen mode button or following this link.

Details of the data cleaning can be found in my Github repository rasve_dataviz. Please note that the database is not yet automatically connected to the dashboard, so the latest outbreaks may not be up to date.





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